Equity in access and experience are core values of all Coyote programs.  We consider the experience of diverse races, cultures, and economic backgrounds to be an essential part of what kids learn at Coyote.  Outreach through schools, social service agencies, communities of color, and other community partners helps us reach traditionally underserved populations, and we provide every family with whatever scholarship support it needs.


Hands-on, project-based, 20-hour courses with professionals in creative fields for youth aged 10-15 who are diverse in racial, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds
        ~240 courses, 2,300 enrollments, 1,500 individuals, ~46,000 contact hours


Immigrant and refugee youth ages 12-18 learn cooking, woodworking, sewing, or photography in after-school workshops with professionals 
        ~80 immigrant and refugee youth from Seattle World School in Fall, Winter, and Spring terms


Youth from underserved communities in Central and South Seattle work with professional artists to design and build permanent or temporary public art for their community
        Summer 2-3 week project, 24 youth, ~1,000 contact hours


Youth ages 11-18 who have shown their talents in other Coyote programs return to work with professional artists doing public art commissioned by local businesses and organizations
        Year-round projects, 2-7 per year, 3-12 youth per project, 8-20 hours per project