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    Location: Powell Barnett Park // Partner: Seattle Parks & Recreation + Office of Arts & Culture Seattle // A youth-led community conversation and performance about sense of place, belonging, inclusion, and exclusion. Interactive doors paired with a live performance // TEACHING ARTISTS: Visuals: Carol Rashawnna Williams, Performance: Crescent Novell

    Unity masks were celebrated in the 2016 Umojafest Parade! Seating is located in Coyote's courtyard. Both projects explored the ideas of identity and unity while celebrating individuality // Teaching Artists: Yvette Simone, Carol Rashawnna Williams, James Brandalise

    Location: Thurgood Marshall Elementary // Partner: Friends of Hit the Streets on MLK // Five pillars and steps symbolizing Thurgood Marshall's legacy of equal justice for all; stainless steel plaques with poems by the 24 youth and quotes from Thurgood Marshall // Teaching artists: Yvette Simone, Timothy Siciliano, Brent McDonald

    Location: Jackson St. frontage of Washington Middle School // Partner: Friends of Hit the Streets on Jackson // 'Everything Connects.' Six 9-foot totems celebrating the elements of daily life that connect us as a community // Teaching artists: Timothy Siciliano, Deborah Lawrence, Brent McDonald, Liza vonRosenstiel

    Location: Rainier Vista Community Farm // Partner: Solid Ground // Mosaic art on seatwalls and tables at Rainier Vista, where a productive 1/2 acre community farm educates, inspires, and increases food security for residents of Southeast Seattle // Teaching artists: Mari Gardner-Euflauzino, Brent McDonald, Sultan Mohamed

    Location: Streetfront for Coyote Shop for welding, woodworking and bicycle building // Partner: Coyote Central // Fantasy bicycle conceived and built by 24 youth in Summer 2012 as a street presence for Coyote's welding/wood/bike shop // Teaching artists: Mary Coss, Brent McDonald, Vance Wolfe

    Location: Coyote Central // Partner: Starbucks // Steel panels interspersed with carved wooden totem elements and twisted steel bars comprise a 42' fence along the southeastern border of Coyote Central's new campus at 23rd & Cherry // Teaching artists: Mary Coss, Brent McDonald, Mike Lawson
  • SEEDS OF JAZZ | 2010

    Location: Squire Park Community Garden // Partner: Friends of Squire Park P-Patch // The seeds of the neighborhood's rich jazz tradition are celebrated in a series of enameled seeds on the fence of a thriving p-patch across the street from historic Washington Hall // Teaching artists: Mary Coss, Mike Lawson, Brent McDonald
  • BUS SHELTERS | 2009

    Location: 23rd & Union // Partner: Starbucks & King County Metro // Panels on two bus shelters honor the diversity and social history of the Central Area through silhouettes of the Hit the Streets participants and abstractions of symbols that have cultural significance for them // Teaching artists: Romson Bustillo, Michael Lawson, Brent McDonald
  • VIEWFINDERS | 2008

    Location: Harborview Medical Center // Partner: First Hill Community Council // Twenty-three viewfinders line a concrete wall at View Park across from Harborview Medical Center on First Hill. Viewers look through them to discover iconic sites of the Seattle cityscape which are abstracted below in enamel paint // Teaching artists: Liza vonRosenstiel, Mark Fessler, Brent McDonald, Angelena McQuarter

    Location: Harborview Medical Center // Partner: First Hill Community Council // A stand of twenty four 8' high flowers fabricated from recycled materials created a giant seasonal garden in the View Park across from the west side of Harborview Medical Center // Teaching artists: Angelena McQuarter, Brent McDonald, Liza vonRosenstiel, Mark Fessler
  • PARK ENTRYWAY | 2006

    Location: Powell Barnett Park // Partner: Powell Barnett Legacy Project // Two concrete seatwalls with imagery in glass mosaics represent two rows of chairs, each one honoring a facet of the life of Powell Barnett, a Central Area community leader // Teaching artists: Stuart Nakamura, Laura Sindell, Brent McDonald, Angelena McQuarter

    Location: Rainier Valley Cultural Center // Partner: South East Effective Development // Six wooden totems, embellished with panels of painted geometric designs on enamel and cast metal accents, mark the points of entrance and exit to the cultural center // Teaching artists: Liza vonRosenstiel, Mark Fessler, Brent McDonald, Eddie Hill, Anna vonRosenstiel
  • GIANT Y FOR YMCA | 2004

    Location: Meredith Matthews East Madison YMCA // Partner: Y.M.C.A. // A 17-foot high giant Y is the background for bronze and aluminum images depicting the six values of the YMCA's mission // Lead artists: Carl Smool, Joy Jackson, Romson Bustillo, Tip Toland, Eddie Hill
  • PARK ENTRYWAY | 2003

    Location: Flo Ware Park // Partner: Leschi Community Council // An engraved metal portrait of Flo Ware is featured among aluminum cutouts of community members across the top of the entry way. Supporting them are rastra block columns embellished with black & white tile and designs of textile patterns from worldwide cultures in colored Milestone // Teaching artists: Liza vonRosenstiel, Mark Fessler, Robert Kolden, Romson Bustillo, Eddie Hill
  • URBAN TOTEMS | 2002

    Location: Gerber Park // Six urban totems, constructed of Milestone, tile, and aluminum, draw imagery from urban fauna and flora // Teaching artists: Liza vonRosenstiel, Mark Fessler, Robert Kolden, Romson Bustillo, Melissa Matsui
  • POOL FAÇADE | 2001

    Location: Medgar Evers Swimming Pool // Partner: Garfield Advisory Council // Phase 2: The final ceramic murals were hand built along the west façade of the pool. Waves, fabricated from aluminum, and brushed, were added to punctuate the ceramic artwork // Teaching artists: Liza vonRosenstiel, Stuart Keeler, Faye Baker, Melissa Matsui, Roark Congdon

    Location: Garfield Community Center // Partner: Garfield Community Council // A 27-foot high aluminum tree celebrates the millennium by depicting the cultures, buildings, activities, and social life that have made the Central Area a vital community for so many decades // Teaching artists: Stuart Keeler, Tina Hoggatt, Sandy Lew Hailer, Liza vonRosenstiel
  • SEAT WALL | 2000

    Location: Bradner Gardens // Partner: Friends of Bradner Gardens // Hand built clay mosaics of floral, plant, & garden themes line the surface of a 40' seat wall along the garden perimeter // Teaching artists: Tip Toland, Karen Eames
  • POOL FAÇADE | 1999

    Location: Medgar Evers Swimming Pool // Partner: Garfield Advisory Council // Phase 1: The 240 foot facade of the pool was embellished with the first five large ceramic murals, each depicting water play // Teaching artists: Tip Toland, Liza vonRosenstiel, Oscar Mendoza, Romson Bustillo

    Location: Medgar Evers Swimming Pool // Partner: Garfield Advisory Council // The handbuilt ceramic mural presents a 14' high portrait of Medgar Evers and across from it, a collage of scenes promoting the efforts made to achieve civil rights in the 1960's and 1970's // Teaching artists: Liza vonRosenstiel, Tip Toland, Marita Dingus, Romson Bustillo

    Location: [No longer there] // Partner: CADA, Mrs. Isaiah Edwards // Phase 2 of the pocket park included a series of concrete game tables & stools, seat walls, bird houses & tall wooden street spirits // Teaching artists: Liza vonRosenstiel, Mike Lawson, Romson Bustillo, Oscar Mendoza

    Location: [No longer there] // Partner: CADA, Mrs. Isaiah Edwards // Phase 1 of the pocket park included concrete trees, a walkway, & seating area, punctuated by hanging wire "banners" // Lead artists: Tom Brennan , Don Fels // Teaching artists: Sandy Lew Hailer, Faith Davis

    Location: 23rd & E. Cherry St. (@ COYOTE!) // Partner: CADA & Dilettante Chocolates // 200 concrete and mosaic tiles complete the checkerboard pattern on the building facade // Teaching artists: Tom Brennan , Liza vonRosenstiel, Kevin Spitzer, Romson Bustillo
  • OPEN FIELD ART | 1994

    Location: [No longer there] // Partner: Promenade Shopping Center // Giant plywood cutouts, painted & embellished, punctuated a vast open field: 3 section bench topped by tall street spirits on poles, an entrance arch & scattered figures on poles // Teaching artists: Marita Dingus, Tom Brennan, Romson Bustillo, Kevin Spitzer

    Location: vacant lots // Partner: Metro King Co. // Over 200 street spirits were created from recycled materials and installed on wooden frames and placed in vacant lots that once were plentiful along S. Jackson St. // Teaching artists: Marita Dingus and T.A.s from SCCC Art Program