Joanne Sugura Memorial Fund

Joanne Sugura, lovely on all counts and talented in so many ways!  A chef, jeweler, fine artist, fashionista and, if Coyote could have had her here every day, a would-be amazing mentor as a Renaissance woman full of fun, serious work, and talent to inspire.  Many of our crew knew her as the Tray Chic General, transforming Goodwill cast-offs into very cool auction donations since way back in the nineties.  For this she’d come straight from Baby & Co looking amazing in her fashion statements and pop straight into our messy making workshops (giant apron applied).  She was the General because in her fun-loving ways, she kept us in line.

In honor of Joanne, we are creating a means for friends and family to help perpetuate one of her loves through inspiring kids. Proceeds of The Joanne Sugura Fashion Fund will add depth and pizazz to our expanding fashion design and sew program.  We’ll be able to purchase coveted and durable mannequins for two fashion studios, top notch sewing machines, and unlimited amounts of fabric as the years march on.  We’re excited!  We currently offer Fashion as Design & Sew, Upcycle, Surface Treatments, Fashion Illustration, and Print on Fabric.  Through this tribute to Joanne, they will be supported by all of you who want kids to pick up her love of creating unique, quixotic, and very personal statements.

Photo courtesy of Baby & Company