<Download Here: Hit the Streets 2017.pdf>

Hit the Streets is a summer work program in which youth from underserved communities in Central and South Seattle make public art for their community. Every summer 24 adolescents aged 12-15 work with a team of professional public artists to create art for a neighborhood park, school, garden, street corner, or vacant lot.

Hit the Streets has left a legacy of major public art installations in the Central Area as well as South Seattle, First Hill, and Squire Park. For over seven hundred participants, it has been an opportunity to learn how to problem-solve challenges creatively and handle a job successfully. The final impact is a sense of personal and civic pride for creating an important and lasting contribution to their community.

Although past Hit the Streets projects have primarily been permanent installations, more recently Coyote has also engaged Hit the Streets youth in making temporary public art.  Temporary art greatly expands the variety of materials that can be used and frees the youth to have more complete ownership of what they create.  Hit the Streets has been expanded to combine visual art with performance art and installation celebrations are now opportunities to gather and interact with community members.