Data & Finance Manager

25-35 hrs/wk $25,000 $40,000

Coyote Centrals mission is to challenge young adolescents of every race and socio-economic background to build skills, creative thinking, self-awareness, and social awareness through hands-on projects with professionals in creative fields. Over 1,600 young people ages 10 to 16 come to Coyote every year for hands-on workshops with professional artists, chefs, furniture makers, fashion designers, metal artists, animators, dancers, filmmakers, and many other

creative people. Our campus in Seattle's Central District brings together kids from all different races, economic backgrounds, cultures and neighborhoods, and all our courses are pay-what- you-can. Young people at Coyote learn sophisticated artistic skills but also people skills, cultural competence, and social awareness.

Coyote Centrals culture is grounded in equity, ingenuity, fun, and collaboration. Any new member of the team will be welcomed warmly but also challenged to perform at a high level. Every member of the staff has an equal voice in collaborative decision making, and every member shares an investment in and commitment to the organization and its mission. We serve a lot of kids with a very small staff because each of us is both efficient and committed to Coyote and its community.

In our Data & Finance Manager, we are looking for a unique combination of data management and bookkeeping skills with a deep commitment to our mission and a constant sense of creativity and joy. The right candidate can grow this position to full-time status.

The position includes data, finance, and personnel duties as follows: Data

  • Track enrollment demographics and statistics and prepare reports
  • Compile all student and parent survey results and prepare reports for E.D.
  • Record all gifts and maintain donor database (Salesforce for Non-Profits)
  • Assist in compiling and preparing data for grant reporting
  • Manage auction donations, registrations, and sales data


  • Manage accounts payable and receivable, banking, and payroll
  • Maintain spreadsheets for paying teaching artists
  • Perform monthly reconciliations of bank, Paypal and GoPayment accounts
  • Update financial dashboard and prepare reports as requested by ED
  • Prepare and file all city, state, and federal reports


  • On-board all teaching artists and volunteers, including background checks and all paperwork

  • Prepare and execute teaching artist contracts

  • Maintain personnel files for all employees

  • Ensure compliance with L&I and other employer postings


  • The kind of mind that thrives on order and organization
  • Minimum of two or more years of experience with data and/or accounting
  • Experience with a relational database, preferably Salesforce
  • Experience in QuickBooks or another similar financial system
  • Innate attention to detail with consistent follow-through
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to balance multiple priorities and handle chaos with humor and equanimity  Initiative, independence, flexibility, and self-confidence
  • Great teamwork skills, humor, and joy


Please send a resume and a cover letter to coyotecentral@gmail.com describing your relevant experience and addressing why you would want to be a part of the Coyote Central team. And throw in one oddball fact about you that might give us a window on your life outside of the working world.