Join us as we celebrate 30 years of all things Coyote! 

It’s guaranteed to be our biggest celebration yet!  


Art!  Creative people!  Fine fashion!  High energy!  Wonderful generosity! 

Coyote’s auction is a breed apart – as original as Coyote itself.  The live auction  offers up the work of some of Seattle’s best-known artists, who donate their work to the auction every year because they believe so strongly in what Coyote does for kids.  A cadre of those same fine artists also gathers to transform trays, tables, lamps, and more into objets d’art for the silent auction – unique usable art that you won’t find anywhere else.

Coyote’s annual auction raises the funds to keep us going each year, and the direct appeal is the cornerstone of Coyote’s scholarship program. 

It’s the generosity of our auction guests is that makes it possible to give over $150,000 in scholarship awards each year.